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Past and Present Classes

Mr. Merry, the owner, was an Adjunct Professor of Computers in the United States before moving to Vila Velha Brazil in 2001.  In 2005 he returned to teach physics at Keiser University part time until May 2008. He has taught private business and high school Classes in Physics, Energy Monitoring, Science, Chemistry, Science and Society, Solar Energy, Swimming, Yoga, Music Theory, Harmonica, Introduction to Computers, Lotus 123, Word Perfect; University courses in Physics, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics, Microsoft Access, Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Computer Repair, A+ Computer Technician Certification, Microsoft Front Page, and Internet Design.   Since coming to Brazil he has taught many English Courses including, Oil and Gas English, Business English, Advanced English, Interaction in English, English Writing, Michigan, TOEIC and TOEFL exam preparation, etc.  You can receive training in any of these areas privately or with a group at your company. For details click on the links on the left or contact us for details.  He also started a private school called The Ark   Click here to see a list of our services, here for our training services, and here to see a list of possible English classes.   This page is the home page for present and past classes and students of all types.  Click on the left for the section or class you want.

Our Classes in English:

Some of the classes we teach in English are: Oil and Gas English, Beginning and Intermediate English, Advanced English, Writing Interaction Workshop (English), Interaction in English, Preparation for the Exam for the Michigan Certificate for Proficiency in English, Preparations for the TOEIC and TOEFL Exams in English, and Business English. Besides these classes we can offer many specialized classes in English and other areas such as English Through American Sports, Using the American Internet Sites, English Through Rock and Pop Music, English for Musicians, …. 
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In addition to these classes, We offer many classes in computers, software, etc. in English, for example: Using the Internet, and Email, Basics of Computers, Windows, Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, Transferring/Translating files to and from HTML, ASP, ACT Contact Management, Corel Photo Paint, Photo Scanning, Word Processing, ...

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To see some of the content from his previous classes internet sites click on the relevant link below or on the left.:

Physics 2001

Microsoft Front Page-Web Design 

Microsoft Access-Database

A+Exam Review

PC Repair I

PC Repair II

PC Repair III


Contact us to arrange classes in these or other similar areas.


To all my former students.

Hello to all my former, current  and potential students.  I am now living in Brazil with my family in a Rio de Janeiro in the center of the city .   I am currently working for a Private English School whose students are mostly from local businesses. I am also teaching private students and doing editing, writing, and translation. You can contact me by email or by the contact form in this website.

Past Classes in the USA with materials:

PC Repair 1, Miami Dade Community College EEV 0851 or CET 1171

PC Repair 2, Miami Dade Community College EEV 0852 or CET 1172

PC Repair 3, Miami Dade Community College EEV 0853 or CET 1173

A+ Certification Exam Review Miami-Dade CC

Web Page Design with MS FrontPage 2000, Miami Dade Community College COP 1822 (Mon. & Wed)

J&W Univ: TS 1000 (All Classes)

Link to TS 1000 Home Page: Assignments, Syllabus, etc. 

Link to TS 1010 Home Page: Assignments, Syllabus, etc. 

Link to Maureen's Lloyd-James Page: 

Some handy links for all my classes:

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Modem Drivers and Help: 
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Diagnostic Software: Right Click then click save as to download SANDRA.  
For help with zip files go here  
Download Notes on Power & Power Supplies as Word Doc (Right click, ... )
Device Drivers of all types, just join (free) then get access 
Free and Shareware software of all types 
Free Diagnostics of all types at 
Free Newsletter with issue on Linux and other Operating Systems
MP3.COM Free Players, Songs, etc.
Music Match Juke Box, Free, Includes Ripper to convert CD's to MP3's for PC Play 
Multi Booting with Win 2000
Download UPGRADE.HLP, with common PC Terms and definitions.


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