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Rays Consulting



Rays offers consulting, training, and assistance in the following areas:

Research, Technical Writing/Documents and Software Services:
Technical Manuals, Software Manuals, Help Files, Alpha and Beta Testing, Usability Testing.  Let Ray and his associates research an area and prepare a document for you. Click for Examples and more information

Consulting Services:
Renewable Energy, Energy Accounting, doing business in Brazil, finding business opportunities in the USA, business opportunities in Brazil, setting up your business, avoiding and solving problems with partners, estimating costs, setting up real business plans, how to get financing, selecting staff for computers, internet, or other technical areas, strategies for business startups, technical presentations, technical marketing information.  Press for more information

Writing, Editing, Translating (Portuguese-English)
Avoid the embarrassment and lack of respect due to incorrect English or Portuguese on your web site or in your documents.

Bilingual Web Pages 
Clicking on one word/flag or the other takes your web visitors to their most comfortable language.  A few or all the pages can be in both languages.  Basically you have two versions of your web site.  This means your web pages will be indexed in more than one language by the search engines like Yahoo and Google and can be seen by more people .


Training, Consulting, and Curricula in English, Internet, and Computers:
Classes and special curriculum/training programs developed in English,  Internet,  Windows, Microsoft Office, Front Page, DreamWeaver, Flash, and other popular Software.  Press for more information

Presentations for Business or Education
Let us prepare professional presentations in English and/or Portuguese for your business.  We can make self playing self contained presentations for PC,  CD, DVD, or other forms.  We can create Powerpoint, MS Word, Excel, HTML, Flash, or pdf files for you, making it easy for any type of viewer to see them.
Sample PowerPoint File

Sample pdf File

Document Conversion
We are specialists in getting information from word processing documents or other sources and putting them in web pages or web sites.  If you have already existing information we can put it on the web for you! 

Internet Services:
Setting up Business Internet Plans, setting up web sites, integrating the Web with your business, developing strategies for making money on the Web, setting up online catalogues and ordering on the Internet, attracting people to your web site, search engine placement.  Press for more information


For years people have spoken highly of Ray Merry:     
"I have never been more satisfied with a service that I am paying for."
, press for more references.

Home Services Contact Us More on Ray Latest News Classes/Students Help & FAQS Table of Contents