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Newsletter, September 2012

I am still living near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but now full time in a town called Miguel Couto with my three daughters, who now are 12, 10, and 8 years old. I was teaching English in Rio till November 2011 when I had to enter the hospital for 4 months for treatment of lymphoma cancer. Now I am home again recuperating from the cancer and the chemotherapy. I am doing a little writing and translating and will soon start teaching againi.

I am again accepting students in English classes, and translation, and writing or editing in English!

Newsletter, October 2009

Well, here I am again. Now living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and commuting on weekends to Miguel Couto to see my three daughters, who now are 9, 7, and 5 years old. I am teaching English in Rio for several different schools. Winter is over and it is getting warmer and my ears have been very good lately, as has my health in general. Fortunately noone in my family has gotten the Swine Flu yet! My wife is in nursing school again, and hopefully will graduate next year about christmas time in 2010. The girls are back in school after a holiday was extened here because of the swine flu.

Anyone knowing anyone who needs English classes, translation, and writing or editing in English let me know, I need more work!

Newsletter, July 2008

Hello everyone, hope all is well with you.  As for me, all is well, except the fact that I am presently unemployed.  I spent the last four months of 2007 and the first five months of 2008 in the US at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale teaching physics again (I taught there every other month in 2005 as well).  As most of you know, I moved to Brazil in 2001 to marry a Brazilian woman, my present wife, Ana Claudia.  We married and settled in Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, where I taught English and did translations for three years.  Recently my wife moved to Miguel Couto, Nova Iguaçu, her home town, to be near her family.  She became ill in June 2008 and I returned to help take care of her and of our children.  She is better now and I am diligently searching to find work again either in Brazil or elsewhere.

As many of you know there is a huge energy crisis in the world, as supply for petroleum and other sources of energy is increasing faster than the supply.  Among the possible solutions are energy conservation and alternative forms of energy.  I worked in this area for 10 years in the 80’s until petroleum became so cheap no one was interested in conservation or alternative energy.  Now that oil is over $140 a barrel, these fields are in demand, and I have been studying them again hoping to find some opportunity here to make some money and do work for a good cause. I recently performed research and a feasibility study on retrofitting gasoline fueled vehicles to run on Natural Gas, and have done a lot of writing for www.greatexpo.org, an organization working to develop a renewable energy trade show and conference in 2009. .  If anyone is interested in these areas or knows of some opportunities here or in other areas for me please let me know.
Meanwhile my wife is starting a business selling women’s clothes.  My three daughters are fine and growing.  The oldest one will be 8 next month, and the youngest is now 4.  Miguel Couto is a small peaceful neighborhood near Rio.  It is about 1-2 hours travel to get there.  The advantage here is that it is inexpensive and peaceful.  No shooting, etc. like there is in Rio all the time.
Well so long for now.  I am presently trying to get all set up here. I hope to have a tutoring site on the web soon. Meanwhile I am still doing my writing and translating. If anyone has any to be done let me know. I recently registered on elance.com, a web site for freelancers to find work and people needing programming, writing, etc. to find providers. It is quite a web site, offering both sides lots of assistance. Check it out!. www.elance.com

Keep in touch.


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